Russian Toy

Russian Toy – small, lively dog, up to 30 cm and up to 3 kg. Russian Toy breed has two varieties – longhaired and smooth-haired. Smooth-haired dogs have short, close-lying, shiny hair, without undercoat or bald patches Longhaired dogs’ body is covered with moderately long (3-5 cm), straight or slightly wavy hair, close-lying, which does not hide the natural outline of the body . Hair on the head and on the front part of limbs is short and close-lying. Distinct feathers on rear side of limbs. The feet have long, silky hair which completely hides the nails. Ears are covered with thick, long hair forming a fringe. Dogs of more than 3 years have such a fringe, which should completely hide the outer edges and tips of the ears. Russian Toy – is a Russian breed, it was started in 1950s. In our days Russian Toy breed is very popular like other small decorative dogs.

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